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Fresh frozen herbs and the culinary trends of ‘09

Mark Bittman’s practical culinary article in the NYTimes talks about the kitchen trends of 2009. He discusses the dilemma of fresh or dried herbs as well, mentioning waste, freshness, and flavor quality.  To avoid waste, and maintain both freshness and flavor quality, we suggest trying Daregal’s fresh, frozen herbs.  As Daregal flash-freezes the herbs immediately after harvest, they  maintain their natural oils, nutrients and and aromas, unlike the well-travelled herbs in the produce section.  Daregal herbs are pre-washed and chopped, ensuring convenience without any waste.  Fresh frozen herbs are an economic, preservative-free, healthy choice for modern cooks, available all year round.  The herbs maintain freshness in the freezer for up to 36 months. And of course, they taste amazing.
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Hello world!


Hello and Welcome to our new blog at the start of the New Year.

This  blog is about herbs and food - a bite, a forkful, or a spoonful of a
dish; a snack or a sandwich - whatever you do to tantalize your taste buds
and awaken your senses.  Herbs added to your dishes, especially fresh
herbs, bring a  burst of flavor to you meals, no matter how you prepare

A blog is public channel to express yourself, share crazy ideas, and
experiment.  It is a venue to share one’s passions and learn something new
every day,  to spread the word about something new you discovered.
Our  goal is to spread the word about this amazing product and the
boundless / limitless choices and experiences it will provide you when you
try it. it is also to share your herbal and cooking experiences, to connect
with others, and  bring fun support and motivation to the community.

So shake up the year and wake up your senses and your dishes with fresh
frozen herbs!
We hope to hear from you …

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